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Swami Vivekananda

At the time of coming back from Chicago Swami Vivekananda came to Budge Budge and he passed through the Budge Budge Railway Station on 19th February 1897. Therefore 19th February is the memorable day to the Citizens’ of Budge Budge.

Komagata Maru

Komagata Maru was a steamship owned by the Shinyei Kisen Goshi Kaisa of Japan. She was built as a cargo ship in 1890 and had previously been known as both SS Stubbenhuk and SS Sicilia while sailing for two different German owners. She was later renamed Heian Maru. She was wrecked at Cape Soyedomari, Hokkaido, Japan, on 11 February 1926.

Komagata Maru has turned Budge Budge into an everlasting holy place of martyrs in the great expense of Indian Freedom struggle as significant as the Jalianwalabagh episode in Amritsar. The Komagata Maru episode is an important chapter of Indian resistance to British rule in India. This historical place is for the unfortunate killing of around 50 innocent Shiks on the morning of 29th September 1914 by the British Administration.

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Old Budge Budge Railway Station

In this station Panjab Mail was being standing for taking up the Sikhs to the Panjab from Kamaghata Maru ship. But when the Sikhs refused to go to the Punjab the British personnel shoot out them at Kamaghata Maru.



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